Our Core Expertise

Essentially covers all the necessary fields needed to grow your
emerging crypto brand into a flourishing business, backed by
our extensive experience and resources.



Product Design

Product Design

Consulting and Advising

Our Services

We offer tools that can be game-changers for your brand; in combination they can serve as an end-to-end winning strategy on the market.

Product Design

Product Design

An incorrectly formed product in the realms of blockchain philosophies can create issues which resonate with the potential community and investors, resulting in material losses.
Whitepaper Audit and Development

Whitepaper Audit and Development

We possess a secret sauce formula for an ideal WP which consists of more than 57 inputs, based on, and distilled from, more than 250 ICOs. We are also experienced in audits, as well as writing whitepapers from zero.
Smart Contract Audit and Development

Smart Contract Audit and Development

We audit and validate your contract to ensure that it is performing the logic it was intended to, and that there are no security issues, or we write the whole contract from scratch.
Token Economy

Token Economy

We develop from scratch a complete solution to the way tokens will be implemented and function specifically within your brand.

End-to-end ICO Expertise

End-to-end ICO Expertise

ICO page is the first evaluation checkpoint for the public. There is a certain way that an ICO must be presented. We know exactly how. In fact, 62 checkpoints-how.

Serving as Advisors

Serving as Advisors

There can’t be too many advisors in the project. Especially good ones. We serve as advisors-on-demand and add constant value to any project we are involved with.

Our Bestsellers

Below is an in-depth view of our top-selling products:

Market Research and Analytics

We are conducting a detailed, full-scale analysis of the market, determining target audiences, demographics and specific client needs.

Competitor Analysis

We dive deep into competitors to figure out their strengths and weaknesses, their offers and services, their market strategies and their product positioning.

Ιndustry Development Trends

With the use of a combination of services, we identify trends in the development of the industry, so we can create an opportunity for our clients to be one step ahead of the competition.

Data-Driven Formation of Services for the Brand

We make sure the unique ideas of our clients don’t end up as an empty shells with no use. We scrupulously devise and implement services or products based on actual market needs, that will be in demand.

Economic Justification of the Client’s Product and/or Service

It is an absolute necessity to point out specific benefits that the customer will receive by buying services from our client.

Help in the Formation of Products and/or Services for the Client

We’ve acquired a lot of experience and formed our “know-how” in sales, which we share with our clients, helping them to form a sales funnel that will work 24/7.


The right structure of the document improves acquaintance for potential investors.

Technical Component

The availability of correct technical information (i.e. a scheme of interaction of technical components of the platform) increases the investor's trust in the project.

Legitimacy Elements

The presence of the right legitimate elements increases the credibility of the project.

Market Research

The availability of market research and its issues is an integral part of the whitepaper.

Business Model

The further viability of the project depends on a well-developed business model.

Token Economy

A poorly thought out token economy can bury the project even before the start of the ICO.

Token Functionality

We study your token in-and-out and formulate a clear vision for the masses of what exactly it will be used for.

Token Distribution

The most important task is to ensure the "correct" distribution of tokens between holders, in order to take into account the needs and tasks of all groups.

Bonus System

We will provide an optimal all-rounded approach to the bonus system, which will hold the best interest and engagement rates with all stages of the investors.

Token "freeze" system

Allows you to avoid dropping the token worth after the ICO. It is also very important to properly motivate all participants of your ecosystem to develop the product.

Token Price Calculation

We will calculate the price of your token at each stage of the token sale, according to the bonus system, based on the specifics of the hard cap and the bonus system itself.

Token Features

We will collect all information on your token in one place and present it to you in aggregate form.


"The blockchain market is ever-growing, yet startups and new brands struggle to align their ideas and strategies with blockchain philosophies and token economies, at the same time lacking the needed expertise and experience that we hold."

Our Team

The faces behind Crypto Launch’s holistic multi-faceted approach that results in an exceptional, unique experience and growth of your crypto venture.

Alexander Pavlov
Alexander PavlovCEO & Founder
Alexei Lukianchik
Alexei LukianchikHead of Partnership
Dmitry Markevich
Dmitry MarkevichSmart Contract Developer
Andrei Kudelko
Andrei KudelkoMarketing Technologist
Yuriy Navadvorskiy
Yuriy NavadvorskiyBlockchain Expert
Ann Soroko
Ann SorokoBusiness Analyst
Yevgeniy Shchelakov
Yevgeniy ShchelakovBusiness Analyst
Ivan Pogodin
Ivan PogodinSMM Specialist
Maksim Halinouski
Maksim HalinouskiICO Expert
Pavel Kazimirenko
Pavel KazimirenkoBlockchain Expert
Alex Shinkevich
Alex ShinkevichBlockchain Expert
Sergey Grinchik
Sergey GrinchikStrategic Client Relations

Our Clients

Here are some brands that we have worked with across different industries.

Partners About Us

Feedback is important. Here is what our partners have to say about partnership and their satisfied clients.

“As marketers, our job is to work with “marketable” products. Oftenly, clients come to us with just an idea or poorly executed, non-marketable product. This is where experts from CLA help us out big time and do their magic!”

“We specialize in developing code. It’s not a headache for us. Headache is to come up with the product that will actually be in-demand on the market. Boys from CLA help to do just that!”

"The ICO market is huge right now. It looks at first that it’s easy to do and launch. There’s even DIY platforms for that. In the times like this it gets even more important to make it right, stand out from competition and win. CLA team knows exactly how!"

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